Online Personal Training

What to Expect from Online Personal Training

Congratulations on taking your first step in the right direction! Below you will find more information on the FC Movement – Online Personal Training Package.


Exercise programs are individually designed to ensure you achieve your goal by a safe and gradual increase in exercise intensity and complexity. Exercises are based on your level of experience and will be tailored to your needs. The exercise programs are 6 weeks and will be delivered through an online platform called TrueCoach.  


Understanding the 7 fundamental movement patterns (push, pull, squat, hinge, lunge, rotation and gait) is the key to success with any exercise program. Using my experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and knowledge as a Physical Therapy Student, I will provide you with corrective exercises to supplement training. In addition, I will be directing you to appropriate resources when answering questions with respect to injury prevention. You will gain self-awareness of your body and learn how to optimize your performance.  


As they say, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. I will be providing you with insight on how to optimize your productivity to ensure you have time to exercise and practice healthy eating habits. You will be introduced to SMART goal setting to help create realistic goals. This will be addressed during a separate 60-minute video call specific to goal setting.


I will be there every step of the way. Making the change to a healthy lifestyle is exciting, but it requires constant motivation and positivity. I will use my professional discretion to keep you on track with your goals. We will have mandatory 15-minute video calls each week to ensure you stay motivated throughout your journey. I will also be available through the TrueCoach App.