I didn’t take a voluntary gap year – instead I got rejected by many
universities and had no choice but to take a year off. Sounds bad,
but it’s happening to students every year… and you know what? There is
nothing wrong with that. In fact, if you capitalize on your time, there
is a lot to gain from a year off.

I want to share my experience with you because I wish I had been
stress-free during this time. It’s human nature to worry about things,
especially your future. However, worrying does not get you very far, it
actually gets you away from where you need to be.



Check out some ways to make the most of your year off!

1. Work

Do something you enjoy or do something that will get you closer to where you want to be. However, do not get caught up with the idea of finding a perfect job… because you probably won’t find it. The number one mistake I find new graduates make is feeling entitled. Entitled to having the best job in the market or a very high salary. Just remember, if you are genuinely working hard and towards something, it will pay off.

2. Travel

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a few months of the past year on the road. I must say, backpacking makes it easier to see a lot for less. Asides from Mexico and the UK, I have done majority of my trips solo. If traveling is something that sparks your interest then take some time out to explore the world, especially if you have a rent-free home to come back to! All of my money was spent towards travel, which meant that I did not spend money on clothes, cars or food. I’ve sacrificed material items so I can travel more and I do not regret it at all. You would be surprised by how much money you can save if you limit shopping, eating at restaurants or drinking at bars.

UK & Europe: London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Amsterdam, Prague, Hungary – Vienna & Salzburg, Budapest, Berlin, Croatia – Zadar & Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Spain – Barcelona & Madrid, Portugal – Lisbon & Algarves, Italy – Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Milano

Mexico: Puerto Vallarta

US: Phoenix, Arizona

South East Asia: Thailand & Cambodia

3. Become an Entrepreneur

Invest in yourself. As we go through the education system, from elementary school to high school to university, we tend to lose our creativity. Sometimes our skills and talents become masked or simply forgotten. Use this time to uncover those skills and take time to discover your interests. I held myself back from personal training and blogging for the longest while, why? Because I thought I needed to know everything before helping people (you don’t). No one is perfect and you sure as hell won’t accomplish anything if you’re “waiting for the right time”. Find a side project and have some fun!