Move better before you move faster

Understand your body, optimize your performance and build life-long habits!  


FC Movement designs 6-week home exercise programs to help you achieve your goals. 
Read below to see if FC Movement is right for you.


Have you had pain in your muscles or joints with exercise? We are here to screen your movement patterns to ensure you are using the right muscles


Have you had an injury in the past? We are experienced in building home exercise programs that gradually increase in intensity to prevent injury.


Do you need some guidance to get your fitness journey started? We will design a program to add variety to your current training regime.


All Personal Training packages include a free Initial Assessment, Goal Setting session and weekly 15-minute video chats. Each program is 6 weeks and individually designed to meet your goals. Virtual Personal Training sessions are 45 minutes and intended to correct technique of the fundamental movement patterns. All FC Movement packages are non-negotiable and Add-ons can be purchased.

$ 280
Silver Package

Initial Assessment – $50
Goal Setting session – $50
Weekly 15-min video calls – $40
Exercise program – $140
Access to TrueCoach

$ 380
Gold package

Initial Assessment – $50
Goal Setting session – $50
Weekly 15-min video calls – $40
Exercise program – $140
Access to TrueCoach

3 Virtual Personal Training sessions valued at $33.33/session

$ 440
Platinum Package

Initial Assessment – $50
Goal Setting session – $50
Weekly 15-min video calls – $40
Exercise program – $140
Access to TrueCoach

6 Virtual Personal Training sessions valued at $26.66/ session

Continuing Your Program?

At the end of each 6 week program, you will have the option to continue training using the TrueCoach App. As you gain more awareness of your body and build healthy habits, exercises will progressively become more challenging. Additional programming is $150/month and includes weekly 15 minute video calls to keep you on track with your goals!

Personal Training

Each additional 45-min Virtual Personal Training session is valued at $45

Goal setting

Each additional 60-min Goal Setting session is valued at $40


Each additional 60-min Re-assessment is valued at $40

My vision is to help you gain awareness of your body, optimize your performance and prevent injury. If you can understand how your body works, you can serve to be your own coach for the rest of your life. Movement is about being comfortable in your body and challenging yourself to reach your potential. I want to help you pave that path.

Jamie Mistry



Jamie is an amazing trainer. I have had 2 other trainers and the results that a got from training with Jamie in such a short amount of time is unreal! Jamie’s specialized sessions are catered to me and my fitness goals. Jamie’s knowledge of the body has helped tremendously with addressing my previous injuries. I have learned how to use equipment properly and make the most from my workouts. She is the best!
London, ON
When I first came to Jamie, I had been limping and in pain for about 8 weeks. I was unable to put any weight through my left leg or bend my leg due to knee pain. In just 3 weeks I was able to walk again, do yoga and I can put all my weight through my left leg pain-free. The value I have gotten from my sessions with Jamie is beyond measure, I’m so happy to be able to walk again.

A. Roa
London, ON
I started with FC Movement at the beginning of June due to extensive knee and hip pain. Working with Jamie has been a blessing. From not being able to walk and having a hard time climbing stairs, Jamie identified my weaknesses and created a program that helped me get to where I am today. With various bodyweight and isolation exercises, I can now walk without pain. Jamie has really taught me a lot about my body and I've gained so much knowledge that I will definitely use going forward.
N. Rajakumaran
Markham, ON


Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual training session involves exercise demonstrations and verbal cuing. All sessions are 45 minutes and hosted on Zoom. The 7 fundamental movement patterns push, pull, squat, hinge, lunge, rotation and walking pattern will be addressed during these sessions. The objective of the personal training sessions is to ensure you are exercising safely and correctly.

All exercises will come with a personalized instructional video through the TrueCoach App. We are also available to chat and answer any questions regarding the program. In addition, we have 15-minute weekly video chats to discuss progress and make modifications to the program as required.

You get free access to TrueCoach when signing up for a FC Movement package. You will be sent a link for TrueCoach after the initial assessment. You will be prompted to sign-up using your email.

FC Movement designs home exercise programs without the use of equipment.

If you are looking to fix your movement patterns or gain an understanding of how to exercise correctly, we encourage you to purchase packages with virtual training sessions. Using correct technique with your exercises will allow you to be successful with the program.  


Ready to start your journey? We will be in touch shortly!


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