Moving back home after University has been one of my toughest challenges. After living away for five years, you establish your own routine and lifestyle. As soon as you are back home everything is turned upside down. For the past few months, I’ve walked into my house and felt instantly annoyed. No one has to say or do anything to me, its just the simple act of being at home that agitates me. The most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s completely normal to feel frustrated or restricted. However, there are ways to cope with the changes.

Read below for a few tips on how to keep your sanity during this transition!


1. Ask for space

Its a tough situation to be in. You are back under your parents roof – you need to respect the house rules – but you have also been living alone for the past few years. You’ve got your own groove and established your own routine. As annoying as it can be, its important to realize that your parents are only looking out for you. They miss you and want to cater to you. Be the grown up that you are and have a conversation with them. Let them know how you are feeling and ask for the space that you need. Don’t brush them off and expect them to know how you are feeling. If you give them a chance, you would be surprised at how understanding parents can be.

2. Get involved in the community

If being at home irritates you, don’t be at home! Be active in the community or join a sports club. Unfortunately, this process is not as convenient as college or university. You’ll have to do a bit more research when it comes to finding leagues, clubs, or activities. But, the good news is most activities are seasonal – so once you’ve joined (which is the hardest part) you’ll adopt a routine for the next few months.

3. Be optimistic

Honestly, one day you’ll have your own bills to pay. If you have to do the dishes immediately after you eat or take out the garbage at 7:30 pm every Thursday night, just do it. One day you’ll be doing all those things plus paying every single bill you can imagine. While it seems like the end of the world to be living at home with your parents, just remember to be grateful for what you have.

Realistically, if it were completely unbearable – you would’ve moved out by now. Be nice, respect the parents, and find a way to make ends meets.

Oh… and I’m still fighting this battle!