Let me be very clear, by no means am I an expert on dealing with uncertainty. However, I have used a few tricks to help me stay content with the unknown over the past few years.

Through travel, education and work, I’ve learned about the importance of adapting to what life will throw at you. I think its fair to say that a handful of our big life decisions are often made by others. You put yourself out there, whether it be a job opportunity, meeting someone new or trying something completely out of your comfort zone… and you wait. Have you ever been stuck in limbo? Where you genuinely cannot create a next step because you are waiting on a response from some larger institution?

It is frustrating and overwhelming, and quite often, you feel helpless. I’ve realized that we have a tendency to focus on what we cannot control. So whats the solution?

1. Accept that you have done everything on your end. Accept that you will not know and do not let it consume your mind and energy. Instead, use that same focus on the second pointer.
2. Write a list of everything you have control of. On that list, you will start to realize that there are other opportunities or things you can do to keep you preoccupied or headed in the right direction.
3. Shift your mindset to focusing on what you can do in this moment to make you prepared for what may come in the future. Be prepared and explore all the options. This will help you become less anxious when it is time to make a decision and it will allow you to have full control of the situation.

It has taken me a very long time to get comfortable with the unknown. I’ve found the old saying “trust the process”, to help me stay sane during these times. It is definitely work in progress, but hey – you’ve gotta start somewhere! Next time you feel stuck or unaware of where life may take you, try these steps to help keep you grounded.