“Keep it simple silly.”

The best program is the one you are going to follow. It is easy to get excited and set extremely high goals for yourself, but fitness is about building good habits. Quite often I tell my clients, I don’t care what you do, I just want you to show up on those three or four days and do something. The first part of making a change is holding yourself accountable.

We often spend lots of time contemplating what we should do instead of actually doing it. That means working out takes 120 minutes instead of 30 minutes. That means working out becomes more exhaustive before it even begins. It all starts with a workout plan. I like to use my whiteboard in my room to set up my  schedule so I can physically check mark boxes once I complete them (see below).

Achieving your fitness goals is all about consistency and hard work. Set realistic goals – try filling out the questions below to get yourself started on your fitness journey!

Why now?
How many times a week do you want to workout?
How long do you want to workout for?
Where will you workout?
When will you workout?
End of Week 1, how did you feel?

If you can answer those questions and complete one week, staying true to yourself, I challenge you to answer those same questions Week 2. They can change, stay the same, increase or decrease in intensity. The point here is that it is important for you to reflect on your goal setting. Take 5 minutes to figure out what worked, what could be changed, or what you liked.

In my experience, most people that try to start their fitness journey do not understand how to set realistic goals for them. Unfortunately, not everyone will have access or the money for personal trainers. If you can master goal setting and planning your workouts in a way that works for you, you will set yourself up for success!

Example of a two month program with dates and goals!